My Role

Product Designer


UX, UI, Animation



TrustedSource offers a product content platform that empowers brand owners to maintain, enrich and distribute accurate, transparent rich product content and digital assets to retailers and third-party applications to fullfill their eCommerce and digital marketing requirements.

UX Process

Initially I engaged with stakeholders during workshops to better understand and address their needs for the project. During workshops I created several user stories in order to capture the descriptions of the main features of the app from the perspective of the end-user. This helped to describe the type of user, what they wanted to do and why.


With all the information gathered, we started generating low fidelity wireframes. These wireframes helped show stakeholders a visual guide for the complex structure of the application and most importantly, how the user will interact with it. Low fidelity wireframes allowed me to make quick changes based on feedback before moving onto the high fidelity designs.

Visual Design

After final iteration changes to the wireframes were completed I then moved onto creating hi-fidelity versions of the dashboard and various screens.

Creating customised visually attractive dashboards allows users to get a quick overview of important business critical information and system notifications.

Development & Reflection

I worked collobratively with an offshore dev team in an agile process, building out functionality broken down into epics and sprints. Final designs were construsted into html/css by myself and sent onto the dev to implement. During development I would QA the feature and make suggestions and changes were needed.

By defining key personas and user journeys, we were able to define key functional modules and minimise the amount of functionality on screen. This made the application easy to use and uncluttered, increasing productivity and reducing the time needed for on-boarding and training new users.

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